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About Us

Welcome to Dad Hats Magazine: The Official Dad Hat Megastore. We are an online store with guaranteed quality founded on the principle of simplicity. We value clean, simple and reliable so each one of our dad hats and lids are produced to the highest standards and shipped as quickly as possible.
As a company, we value honesty, integrity and quality. We think it’s simple, really: we sell novelty gifts with heart and with genuine passion. You, in turn, receive them following a quick and smooth transaction. Simple, right? 
We put customer service at the forefront of our operation. We start with the highest quality product possible, and follow it through to delivery and beyond. We offer an impeccable level of service, and in the unlikely event that customers encounter a problem either during shopping or purchasing, we’re here and ready to help.   

Dad Hats Magazine is a growing e-commerce dynasty. We truly value the wellbeing of our customers, and we therefore only choose the highest quality products, in the interest of ensuring that you’re consistently satisfied when shopping with us. Above all else, Dad Hats Magazine is a caring company, that seeks to create a culture of like-minded shoppers with an appreciation for high quality products. In addition to helping you find your next favorite purchase, we also aim to provide you with a simple and smooth shopping experience. As an evolving company, our product lines are changing and are resources are constantly improving, as we work to provide you with the best experience possible. Our work will never truly be over, as we will always look to improve. However, we are excited to have you join us as we begin this journey, and are looking forward to becoming your new favorite choice of online gift store.